maandag 5 maart 2012

Donald Byrd - Cristo Redentor

Wie de film van Tom Barman 'Anyway the wind blows' kent, kent ook de titelsong van deze markante film uitgevoerd door Magnus. Donald Byrd, trompet, schreef het origineel: Cristo Redentor. Cinematografisch als alleen Ennio Morricone kan. Byrd over het album A new perspective uit 1963 waarop dit nummer te vinden is: "I mean this album seriously. Because of my own background, I've always wanted to write an entire album of spiritual-like pieces. The most accurate way I can describe what we were all trying to do is that this is a modern hymnal. In an earlier period, the New Orleans jazzmen would often play religious music for exactly what it was - but with their own jazz textures and techniques added. Now, as modern jazzmen, we're also approaching this tradition with respect and great pleasure." Donald Byrd leeft nog. Ook wel eens leuk om te melden. Hij is 80 jaar jong.

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